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Jean-Pascal Bragato, the breeder behind Aubrion du Gers

By toppling Bold Eagle in the Prix RMC European Trotting Masters Final, Aubrion du Gers has confirmed he is one of Europe's best trotters. The trotter's 27th career win has highlighted the success of breeder Jean-Pascal Bragato, the man behind the 'Gers' label.

Jean-Pascal Bragato, the breeder behind Aubrion du Gers

Jean-Pascal Bragato talking with Jean-Michel Bazire who has been a friend of his for more than 20 years © APRH

Auch-born breeder Jean-Pascal Bragato takes a look back at Aubrion du Gers's bloodlines in the March edition of Trot Infos (n° 242) and how he hopes geldings would one day run in G1s in France:

Jean-Pascal Bragato has learnt at his own expense there are no hard rules when it comes to breeding. Perseverance is the name of the game. "Aubrion du Gers is a nephew of Quinoa's, but his dam J’Arrive du Gers was not as good at stud as on the track. Her first offspring Si J’Arrive du Gers was injured the day he qualified, and the others didn't amount to much. I decided to add  Kerjacques, bloodlines when I bred Aubrion, so that's why I chose Memphis du Rib whose both parents are by the same stallion. And it paid off!" Unbeaten since lifting The GNT stage at Saint-Malo in August 2016, Aubrion du Gers really stood out at Vincennes last Winter Festival : "I wasn't surprised, as he'd alalready showed us what he was capable of in previous wineter festivals. It's true to say he has stepped up a notch since last summer. 'Aubrion' has fully matured and trainer Jean-Michel Bazire, is considering running him in the Grand Prix d’Oslo, because he has less and less entries at his disposal (...) ".

Reforming the programme for geldings

While the owner-breeder is obviously enthrawled by what Aubrion du Gers, has achieved, Jean-Pascal Bragato ponders over the future of his champ:

He won't have a great deal of entries to choose from next winter considering his career earnings now, and I wonder why the Prix de l’Union Européenne, which was traditionally held at the end of the Winter Festival and was a great opportunity for the Game's best geldings to prove their worth, has disappeared from the programme."

At a time when Trotting really needs some top-class, evergreen players, he has been lobbying to open up Group 1 events for lolder trotters to be opened up to geldings.

Racegoers followed the likes of superstars Rapide Lebel, Roi du Lupin, Général du Lupin, Giesolo de Lou and Commander Crowe for years. I fully understand geldings are not allowed to compete in G1s up to six years old, but after that I don't see any problem with it. The 'Cornulier' preps are open to geldings, so why not the Prix d’Amérique preps too? Our evergreen superstars do the game a world of good. A Ready Cash / Rapide Lebel matchup would have really topped the bill, wouldn't it? I may be a breeder, but it doesn't change anything at the end of the day. Opening up the 'René Ballière', the 'Cornulier' and the 'Amérique' to geldings doesn't shock me. On tehecontrary, it really would add a bit of spice to the Game. 

  • Check out th efull interview in Trot Infos, edition n° 242 (pages 24 to 29). Subscribe here


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