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Although forty years younger than the American Standardbred, the ‘Trotteur Français’ has proven itself on racetracks throughout the world. In less than 50 years, the breed has shown it warrants its place among the world’s elite by landing all the major events open to it.

Backed up by quality breeding operations and an innovative racing model, trotting has become the most popular horse racing discipline in France.

Within the framework of a modern Europe which has opened up to other nations, the Trotteur Français owes itself to spearheading the European trotting scene. France has therefore decided to promote breeding on a European-wide scale, providing foreign breeders with the unhoped-for opportunity of being a part of a sporting activity which has already proven its strength.

Wherever it is foaled and whoever the owner, any Trotteur Français registered in the studbook can take part in French trotting races, which are the most prestigious in the world and offer the highest prize money. Its breeder is eligible for breeders’ premiums in all French and group 1 European races.

The Trotteur Français does not only represent a future for French racing and the economy, but for the whole of Europe too.

Dominique de Bellaigue, Chairman of Cheval Français

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1 nouveau pays en février 2018, le BRESIL
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